Peter Egan: Why I Blog

I can only speak for myself, but...  I worked in print media journalism since age 17, starting our as a sports stringer, eventually working my way up to beat writer and feature columnist for a local newspaper.

I attended a prestigious liberal arts university often referred to as "the Harvard of the South", where I studied media arts, specializing in journalism and minoring in marketing.

Upon completion of my college days, I quickly realized that the journalism field was not what I expected. It didn't take long before it was made perfectly clear that stories were covered and reported on in a manner consistent with how the editor demanded it be done, truth and accuracy be damned. Essentially, there seemed to me to be very little journalistic integrity in much if not most of print media at the time I began seriously contemplating what I would do for a living upon the realization that I couldn't stomach working for a newspaper.

I found that in blogging, I could put my investigative reporting skills to good work, covering stories covered elsewhere in the news but doing a much better job of writing them, particularly as it pertains to translating the abstract of a clinical trial into terms regular people can understand, while keeping the story interesting and the facts straight.

In health news (mainstream media), in my opinion far too often the story reflects inaccurate data as a result of the story's author lacking the fundamental ability to comprehend what was said in the abstracts, as well as how to phrase that same information so as to maintain factual accuracy while making it readable to a general audience.

Blogging affords me the journalistic license to report the truth without an editor getting in the way, putting my name on a factually inaccurate story that I was told to write if I wanted to keep my job.



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