Peter Egan: Adult Entertainment "Not My Thing"

Somewhat surprisingly, the domain name is still available for registration by the general public.

It has been speculated that of all remaining TLDs (Top Level Domains - the 2, 3 or 4-letter abbreviation at the end of a domain name, such as com, net, org, us, or in this case, .xxx).

Peter Egan, the soon-to-be 32 year old man of many hats from New Orleans, Louisiana, and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a relatively well known personality, both on the internet and in-person - at least regionally speaking (Gulf Coast region). His life to-date was the inspiration behind the character of "The World's Most Interesting Man" from the Dos Equis beer commercials.
While not a celebrity in his own right, Egan appears destined to lose the anonymity he has worked so hard to achieve as the spotlight has a way of finding him, as do the bona fide celebrities. Egan is friends with or has met everyone from U.S. Congressmen and Senators, state governors, the Vice President (Cheney), famous actors & actresses, star athletes and legendary coaches, rock stars and even the man who is arguably the world's leading AIDS researcher. The odd part is, he does not seek these people out. Rather, much like Forrest Gump (only with an abnormally high IQ as opposed to an abnormally low one), his life just seems to take him to the right place at the right time such that he routinely mingles with people who many consider to be household names (in many cases whom everyone would consider to be household names).

Egan's profile has already slipped out from under the radar. That said, despite being repeatedly snubbed by People Magazine for its "Sexiest Man Alive" award, in a recent survey of 100 women ranging in age from 18-60 in which the women were asked to rate Mr. Egan's looks on a scale of one-to-ten, Egan received a perfect "10" rating from all but two of those surveyed. Both of the women who did not rate Egan as a "10-out-of-10" for attractiveness described their sexual orientation as "same sex", providing a glimpse of insight into why the two rated him differently from the perfect 10 issued by the other 98.

Because of this fact, there was much speculation in the months leading up to the debut of the XXX top level domain extension that would be quickly snatched up by some fan, secret admirer, revenge-seeking-ex girlfriend, adult film producer or by Peter Egan himself as a means of preventing the others from securing the rights to it.

Thus, despite the XXX extension having been on the market for a considerable period of time, it comes as quite a surprise that Mr. Egan's (domain) name has yet to be registered by any of the aforementioned parties.

When asked recently about his own reasons for declining to pursue securing the rights to the name, Egan explained that he has no plans of ever working in the adult entertainment industry despite rapidly growing demand for him to do so, and that therefore even should an adult filmmaker get a hold of the name he wouldn't ever be able to use it to portray content involving Egan. He suspects revenge-seeking exes haven't snatched it up out of sheer ignorance, and believes at least one of them would do so if any of them had knowledge about the xxx domain extension and that it may be registered by virtually anyone at

Medical Equipment CEO, Entrepreneur Credits Dropping Out of College for Career Success

Peter Egan
Written By: Fat Lester (with help from Peter Egan)

PART 1 of 2: In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University president Scott Cowen saw his school underwater. Mr. Cowen knew that many on-campus dormitories were damaged beyond the point of being inhabitable for at least 6-8 weeks, coinciding with a substantial portion of the student body residing off-campus suddenly finding themselves without housing. For some, this was merely due to the fact that the city was not open.

However, for some other students like Peter Egan, the reason their residences were uninhabitable was that they were filled with anywhere from a couple of inches to eight feet of water, as was the case with Mr. Egan.

With the demand in the temporary housing market in New Orleans outpacing supply to such an extent in the immediate aftermath of Katrina that very few of those students who did manage to find an uninhabited dwelling that was on the market in hopes of attracting big-money tenants could even come close to affording the monthly rent.

In the months leading up to Katrina (beginning May 21, 2005 to be exact), Peter had been paying his rent, his living expenses, social life and then reinvesting what was leftover back into the eBay business he had started after quitting his job working for his father's Metairie, Louisiana-based home care / nursing firm, Egan Healthcare Services, Inc. The innate difficulties associated with working for family is the reason Peter left his position as an equipment technician working out of the company's then-warehouse in Kenner, LA.

Anyway, this eBay business Peter had started to replace the income he lost when he quit that job involved the sale of voodoo dolls, ceramic and feather masks, Mardi Gras beads and other New Orleans touristy "junk" for lack of a better term. As luck would have it, the all-eggs-in-one-basket approach worked quite well for Egan despite having no formal education in advanced information technology or any sort of internet technology including but in no way limited to HTML, CSS (which was brand-new at the time), JavaScript  Dreamweaver, Photoshop or any other markup editor or media editing software. That is perhaps what made eBay the perfect starting point for Peter Egan: it was simple enough that he could do it without being taught, yet challenging enough that a 23 year old with no business and limited sales experience was driven to learn based solely on the opportunity that a marketplace the size of the world represented.

While he didn't know it as of the time he handed his landlord that first rent check paid using money he had earned working from home, Peter was about to see exactly how big the opportunity before him actually was (here's a hint: big enough that he didn't return to school when Tulane reopened). A close friend of Peter had recently acquired a job working for global, mega-conglomerate tanning salon franchising firm Planet Beach Franchising. The corporate headquarters is in Marrero, LA, just outside New Orleans.

Northshore Medical Supply
EGAN Medical Equipment Store: North Shore Medical Supplies, Equipment - Located on Tyler Street in Covington near 8th Avenue across from the old Schoen Funeral Home, on the side of Tyler opposite St. Tammany Parish Hospital.
Impressed with Egan's ability to sell a $0.85 voodoo doll for $25-$30 (marketing it as a tool to enact revenge against one's nemesis), and a feather Mardi Gras mask costing him approximately $1.67 $20-$40 (marketing them to American women as wall decor and British men and women as "masquerade masks", which is apparently the term most often associated with masks used for purposes such as those depicted in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"); he helped get Peter a meeting with the merchandising director for the parent corporation. She was interested in having him liquidate a warehouse full of the previous year's merchandise, worth an estimated $4-$6 million (wholesale cost - roughly 100%-150% markup for retail value). The deal was, we would split all net revenue right down the middle, and I'd have exclusive rights to sell the goods contained within the warehouse for a period of six months. The contract negotiated was to be signed and notarized on --- of all dates --- August 29, 2005.

The warehouse flooded, insurance made Planet Beach whole for its losses in terms of the value of the merchandise, rendering Peter and his services to be of no further use. - END PART 1

Campus Gun Bans - School Shootings
Campus Gun Bans: While We're on the Subject

Peter Egan - Re: Hullabaloo

The three letters (or more accurately pieces of coordinated hate mail) made up the entire op/ed section of the February 04, 2005 issue of the Hullabaloo, Tulane University's student newspaper. That particular week, the editorial staff made the decision to devote the entire section to a small sampling of the hate mail that had been pouring in since the moment the previous week's issue first hit the press.

The hate mail is directed specifically at yours truly, and one of the students who wrote for the paper told me privately that they received about 450 in all, the overwhelming majority of which were far too vividly worded to publish.

The reason? In light of a months-long spate of violent crimes against female Tulane students occurring as they were walking from campus to either their homes or vehicles (about a 15 total rapes and/or armed robberies occurring within about a 12-14 week period leading up to the issue preceding the Feb. 04 edition), I had the audacity and the gall to suggest that the Tulane campus gun ban was at best not helping put a stop to the violence, at worst (and the far more likely scenario) was a direct contributing factor to the confidence and opportunism armed robbers and rapists were so inundated with during this period in which every 100 yards throughout the campus there were signs announcing that guns on campus were strictly forbidden and that your right to keep and bear arms ends when you step foot onto the Tulane campus.

My editorial - which curiously vanished from the paper's archives though the response the following week has remained online for the better part of a decade - concluded with an assertion that not only should the campus gun ban be repealed, but that Tulane be held liable for damages to the persons, property as well as punitive damages incurred by the victims of these violent crimes who were attacked while leaving campus unarmed en route to their home and/or vehicles.

I still believe that colleges and universities which prohibit firearms in the possession of students on campus should be held liable for such damages and be court-ordered to offer the victims financial compensation for their suffering.

The student body at Tulane in February of 2004 was so outraged that approximately one in every 12-14 students wrote a letter the following week denouncing me for my flawed thinking and even more brazen willingness to express such an offensive opinion.

Of all my accomplishments in my 31 years, few mean more to me than having offended thousands of liberals, at least 600 or so (450 by the print deadline) of which so much so that they felt compelled to write and submit a direct response, almost all of which were unfit for print for reasons you can imagine.

To this day, I take a tremendous amount of pride in the article the Hullabaloo won't show you because it is too persuasive for lefties to allow it to exist under the guise of free speech or freedom of expression. Few moments of my life have been more enjoyable than opening that February 04 issue and looking with shock at my own name in extra-large font sprawled across the top of the page as a shared headline for everything published in the opinion/editorial section that week. At no point during my five or so years attending that school did I ever walk so tall on campus or with such a spring in my step as during the time between when the below issue was released and eventually replaced the following week.

The least profane of the 450 submissions received by the print deadline are below. To read them in large font, run a Google web search for "re: peter egan jr".

For what it's worth, I emailed Kira McCalister after reading her letter. She declined to accompany me on my walk home from campus.

Campus Gun Ban
The first of the Hullabaloo's three least offensive letters objecting to Peter Egan's proposed lifting of the campus gun ban.
Hullabaloo Tulane Guns
The second in the series of angry students' denouncements of my audacity.
Peter Egan Jr Denounced
The third letter denouncing Peter Egan Jr.
Why the Times Picayune will Fail Online
(Abandoning Print in Favor of Digital Only Works if You Understand How Digital Works...)
With all due respect, the Times Picayune, and the web technicians who run the site are beyond clueless with regard to the proper manner to construct a web page and encode links with a given page so that the page appears as high in search results as humanly possible when a given user searches a word, term or phrase relevant to the content of the given page.

The Times Picayune will file bankruptcy within 3 months of its reduction in publishing days unless it learns how to compete in search. As a reader of your paper for 26 of my 30 years on earth, I am inclined to at least offer to share my expansive expertise in the subject with the proper TP staff, employees and/or contractors in hopes of saving the organization.

In return, all I ask is that should my advice if acted upon quadruple traffic from search (and subsequently quadruple revenue originating from content published online), that the Times Picayune return to publishing seven days a week.

I work on a computer, and I cannot enjoy anything I do on one. I want my news the way I've been getting for the last 26 years, and am willing to offer the TP a half-million dollar consultation for free in order to make that happen.

If you're wise enough to take me up on this indescribably generous offer, you know how to contact me.


Peter Egan

Author's Note:  The screen-shot displayed atop the post illustrates a perfect example of incompetent website development, the very likes of which is confining's visitors to for all intents and purposes the same people who subscribe to the print-version (or buy it at newsstands if not subscribers).

The fact that the red encircled hyperlink is coded in Javascript is a prime example of why the paper's move to digital will be an unprecedented failure unless the organization allows myself or someone with my knowledge and experience to stage an  intervention.

The image is linked to the page at which this example of a complete abomination of webmasters' best practices can be witnessed first-hand for all to see.


One Lucky Lady will Get to be Peter's Date for the Saints vs. Atlanta December 26 in the Dome!

Peter Egan and Paige Bundrick at a Saints game in 2009.
Ladies, it is my pleasure to announce this morning that I have secured six tickets to the NFC South Division rivalry game between the New Orleans Saints
and the Atlanta Falcons on December 26, 2011.

The game could  very well determine who wins the division, or at the very least where the Saints and/or Falcons are seeded in the NFC Playoffs. In any case, it's a very  significant game.

The good news for at least one single, attractive lady  between the age of 21 and 30 is that at present, i do not have a date for the game, which also happens to be on my 30th birthday.

So,  whichever fine-looking female meeting above-specified criteria who would like to  accompany me and abour four of my friends to the game, and conveys that desire  to me before anyone else meeting said criteria does so, will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the Saints final regular season home game as the date of arguably the world's most awesome guy.

It doesn't really matter whcih medium the lucky lady chooses to get in touch with me so long as she does so before any other ridiculously good looking women put in thei request(s).

I recognize that it's almost an entire month away, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for at least one luckly girl, so all you sexy ladies had better jump on the opportunity before someone else does.

For whatever it's worth, I did have two of my own top-choices as for which girl would have been my ideal date for the event, but neither of them has given me a definitive answer yet, so I'm opening up the bidding to any and all fine, single women in SE Louisiana who aren't crazy and don't have any other major baggage.