Egan on Katie's Crotch Rd: "Been There, Done That"

Everyone has a favorite street or road, be it one along the way home from work that you've driven a thousand times just before seeing your family, that dead-end road leading to one's parents' home that never fails to invoke a sense of nostalgia while cruising towards the place you grew up, or some other street, road, highway or other roadway which for whatever reason holds special meaning to someone.

For Peter Egan, it's not difficult to understand why his favorite road is what it is. His favorite road exists in Embden, Maine, a town of less than 1,000 residents as of the 2010 census to which he's never been and likely never will.

It is the name of this particular road that appeals to Egan so much that he would unequivocally declare it his "favorite" road in the world, just ahead of "Wacker Lane" in Mobile, Alabama.

Peter's favorite road is called "Katies Crotch Rd". Beyond the immature humor associated with such an unconventional name for a roadway, the fact that the road is named after Katie's crotch is significant.

Katie Henderson is Peter Egan's girlfriend of more than 18 months as of the time of this writing. She is a beautiful, classy, intelligent lady who will turn 30 in January of 2014. Ms. Henderson is widely considered by both her own as well as Mr. Egan's peers to be "out of his (Peter's) league". However, be that as it may, the man whose life inspired the Dos Equis beer commercials featuring the character of "world's most interesting man" managed to reel her in anyway, and their relationship is showing no signs of slowing down.

There has been speculation that Peter and Katie will consummate their relationship in a church in the near future, exchanging vows before their maker and binding each other contractually to one another until death do them part.

Thus, Peter is something akin to the ruler of Katie's crotch, hence his affinity for the street in smalltown Maine - a town and a street which he'll almost certainly never see with his own eyes, but which you and he can see and enjoy by viewing the accompanying photograph (edited for style) below.
Peter Egan's Favorite Road: Katies Crotch Rd.
Peter has spent his share of time 'driving home' down Katie's Crotch...

Peter Egan: Adult Entertainment "Not My Thing"

Somewhat surprisingly, the domain name is still available for registration by the general public.

It has been speculated that of all remaining TLDs (Top Level Domains - the 2, 3 or 4-letter abbreviation at the end of a domain name, such as com, net, org, us, or in this case, .xxx).

Peter Egan, the soon-to-be 32 year old man of many hats from New Orleans, Louisiana, and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a relatively well known personality, both on the internet and in-person - at least regionally speaking (Gulf Coast region). His life to-date was the inspiration behind the character of "The World's Most Interesting Man" from the Dos Equis beer commercials.
While not a celebrity in his own right, Egan appears destined to lose the anonymity he has worked so hard to achieve as the spotlight has a way of finding him, as do the bona fide celebrities. Egan is friends with or has met everyone from U.S. Congressmen and Senators, state governors, the Vice President (Cheney), famous actors & actresses, star athletes and legendary coaches, rock stars and even the man who is arguably the world's leading AIDS researcher. The odd part is, he does not seek these people out. Rather, much like Forrest Gump (only with an abnormally high IQ as opposed to an abnormally low one), his life just seems to take him to the right place at the right time such that he routinely mingles with people who many consider to be household names (in many cases whom everyone would consider to be household names).

Egan's profile has already slipped out from under the radar. That said, despite being repeatedly snubbed by People Magazine for its "Sexiest Man Alive" award, in a recent survey of 100 women ranging in age from 18-60 in which the women were asked to rate Mr. Egan's looks on a scale of one-to-ten, Egan received a perfect "10" rating from all but two of those surveyed. Both of the women who did not rate Egan as a "10-out-of-10" for attractiveness described their sexual orientation as "same sex", providing a glimpse of insight into why the two rated him differently from the perfect 10 issued by the other 98.

Because of this fact, there was much speculation in the months leading up to the debut of the XXX top level domain extension that would be quickly snatched up by some fan, secret admirer, revenge-seeking-ex girlfriend, adult film producer or by Peter Egan himself as a means of preventing the others from securing the rights to it.

Thus, despite the XXX extension having been on the market for a considerable period of time, it comes as quite a surprise that Mr. Egan's (domain) name has yet to be registered by any of the aforementioned parties.

When asked recently about his own reasons for declining to pursue securing the rights to the name, Egan explained that he has no plans of ever working in the adult entertainment industry despite rapidly growing demand for him to do so, and that therefore even should an adult filmmaker get a hold of the name he wouldn't ever be able to use it to portray content involving Egan. He suspects revenge-seeking exes haven't snatched it up out of sheer ignorance, and believes at least one of them would do so if any of them had knowledge about the xxx domain extension and that it may be registered by virtually anyone at

Peter Egan, Katie Henderson Celebrate 18-Month Anniversary!

Peter Egan
Katie Henderson Receives the 2013 Peter Egan "Best Girlfriend Award
Peter Egan and Katie Henderson
By: Peter Egan

It seems like the past year and a half has just flown by --- like not even a year has passed.

Would you believe it if I told you she stood me up on what was supposed to be our first date? Fell asleep... The only reason I was even in Covington the next day was b/c a friend of mine's son was playing in a baseball tournament on the North Shore and he, his son and daughter were staying at a house my parents own on the Tchefuncte River, and I had promised to take his kids out on the boat the day after what was supposed to be Katie and I's first date. She called me at 2:00 AM that morning to apologize and explain that she'd fallen asleep, and wound up joining us on the boat later that day.

Had I gone back to Long Beach I seriously doubt I'd have driven back to Covington much less Bogalusa to take her out after being stood up once.

We've been pretty inseparable since then, and I don't know where I'd be today had she not contacted me using of all things Facebook a few weeks prior.

We knew each other from high school, although I didn't exactly remember her. I receive quite a few solicitations from interested females (and occasionally males)... Every now and again an outright proposition. I rarely respond, often don't even read them once I see where they're going. Not sure why I did this time, or why I decided to challenge my presumption that I was too busy to date.

The other thing about it that's memorable looking back is that I really had no idea what she looked like before actually meeting her in-person. She was fairly casual in our conversations, and the idea of us dating never really came up until we'd been texting a few weeks. I don't know why, but I never really looked at her profile much less photos until after we'd been out.

Technically, the first "date" wasn't necessarily supposed to be a formal date, and indeed turned out not to be so as she was on a boat with myself, a friend and his two kids. From my vantage point, I had become so busy with work that a little social interaction would be healthy, and was approaching it with an open mind, figuring it wouldn't hurt me to make a new friend if nothing else.

When we saw each other both of our jaws dropped. I remember thanking God right then and there. It really felt like a gift from the Almighty. While minding my business at work, I'm contacted by some gal that claims to know me from high school, but whom neither I nor my sister remembered. I for whatever reason was receptive to conversing with her, finally arranging to meet her in-person when our conversations started happening daily. Never bothered to read up on her or check out her photos, and never had any expectation of anything. Needless to say I was absolutely shocked when the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen showed up at that house on the river ready for a day of fun in the sun.

Within 24 hours we both "knew" the other was "the one". The past 18 months have only confirmed that intuitive feeling we each had relative to the other...


LSU Defense Dominates Manziel, Aggies in 34-10 Whipping

LSU Dominates Texas A&M
By: Peter Egan

With many ups and downs this LSU football season, what transpired on the night of Saturday, November 23, may well go down as the highlight and signature win of the 2013 LSU Tigers football season.

LSU had little trouble dominating a Texas A&M team led by defending Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, a team which came in ranked #9 in the country with an 8-2 record with both losses coming to teams ranked #1 and #4 overall nationally, the SEC's last two teams to win a national championship in Alabama and Auburn, respectively.

Texas A&M was supposed to win the game comfortably. LSU's young defense, decimated by losing nine players to the NFL Draft last season, has struggled at times against some of the conferences more potent offenses.

There was talk at halftime about Manziel possibly sustaining a thumb injury at one point, although coach Kevin Sumlin wrote it off as 'something (they) had been dealing with all season. Manziel was not seen wearing any sort of thumb splint or thumb spica on the sidelines or otherwise in public at any point this season.

Texas A&M came in having scored 40 or more points in every game this season, yet on a cold, damp night in Death Valley (Baton Rouge), the Aggies were held to a season-low ten points while Manziel had what was without question the worst game of his career.

LSU's offense did not disappoint either, controlling the clock for over 40 minutes and rushing for well over 300 yards. Junior RB Terrence McGee of Franklinton, Louisiana earned SEC co-offensive player of the week, while a freshman cornerback was honored on defense.


Peter vs. President Obama

Peter Egan vs Barack ObamaPeter Egan vs. Barack Obama
Who do you think would win in a hypothetical fight between Peter Egan and Barack Obama?

Now, thanks to a video by Sid Impastato --- a video which Peter Egan had nothing to do whatsoever with the production thereof --- we no longer have to wonder the answer to that question.

The video depicts what would happen if hypothetically Peter, (who has had enough of the president cyberstalking him on social networks like Twitter and more recently Pinterest) has decided not to take it anymore, engaging President Obama in fictional combat, the results of which are fairly decisive...

Video Description

Peter Egan takes on Barack Obama in a (fictional, satirical and humorous) hypothetical round of anything goes combat.

DISCLAIMER: I, Peter Egan, had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the production of this short film. I accept no responsibility whatsoever for its creation and it is not in anyway reflective in a literal sense my views with regard to the President or at least his physical wellbeing. This is satire. It is intended to be humerous in nature.

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Blacktip Sharks Taking Live Bait in Gulf near Long Beach

Peter Egan Catches Blacktip Shark in Long Beach, MississippiPeter Egan Catches Blacktip Shark
By: Peter Egan

As is customary for mid-summer along the beaches in and around Long Beach, Mississippi (located east of Bay St. Louis and west of Gulfport & Biloxi), Blacktip Sharks are actively feeding on live bait off the beaches, and are being caught by recreational surf fishermen such as Peter Egan (pictured at left) and others, as well as by fishermen casting from bay boats along the beaches bordering the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Blacktips are highly regarded as one of the more high-quality table species with regard to the shark's largely superior tasting meat and fins.

Blacktip Sharks biting along Mississippi Gulf Coast near Gulfport & Biloxi
Blacktip Sharks biting along Mississippi Gulf Coast near Gulfport & Biloxi
Shark Fishing in the northern Gulf of MexicoShark Fishing in the northern Gulf of Mexico
As the air temperature rises along with the water temperature throughout the summer, these relatively small sharks become easy-to-catch by recreational fishermen of varying skill levels. Casting into the surf - particularly around piers, structures or sandbars (preferably with live or cut bait) during periods of tidal movement with a Carolina rig featuring a one-ounce weight during periods of heavy tidal movement or high winds and 3/4-ounce when tidal movement and/or winds are not as forceful along with a #3 or #4 J-hook or circle hook (if planning to catch-and-release) produces the best results, according to Egan, who routinely fishes the beaches and piers in and around Long Beach and Gulfport.

Blacktip SharkPeter Egan Releases a Blacktip Shark
In the photo at right, the same small Blacktip shark, which can grow to be just under 5-feet in length as adults, pictured throughout the post is given a second chance at life when Egan (the man who caught the shark and an avid surf fisherman in and around Long Beach, MS) decides to release it after reluctantly allowing his girlfriend (who took the pictures) to touch the beautiful yet extremely dangerous young shark while he held it still and kept it from biting her.

Sharks Biting Live Cockahoe Minnows and Finger Mullet
Sharks Biting Live Cockahoe Minnows and Finger Mullet Along Mississippi Beaches
Peter across the web:

Medical Equipment CEO, Entrepreneur Credits Dropping Out of College for Career Success

Peter Egan
Written By: Fat Lester (with help from Peter Egan)

PART 1 of 2: In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University president Scott Cowen saw his school underwater. Mr. Cowen knew that many on-campus dormitories were damaged beyond the point of being inhabitable for at least 6-8 weeks, coinciding with a substantial portion of the student body residing off-campus suddenly finding themselves without housing. For some, this was merely due to the fact that the city was not open.

However, for some other students like Peter Egan, the reason their residences were uninhabitable was that they were filled with anywhere from a couple of inches to eight feet of water, as was the case with Mr. Egan.

With the demand in the temporary housing market in New Orleans outpacing supply to such an extent in the immediate aftermath of Katrina that very few of those students who did manage to find an uninhabited dwelling that was on the market in hopes of attracting big-money tenants could even come close to affording the monthly rent.

In the months leading up to Katrina (beginning May 21, 2005 to be exact), Peter had been paying his rent, his living expenses, social life and then reinvesting what was leftover back into the eBay business he had started after quitting his job working for his father's Metairie, Louisiana-based home care / nursing firm, Egan Healthcare Services, Inc. The innate difficulties associated with working for family is the reason Peter left his position as an equipment technician working out of the company's then-warehouse in Kenner, LA.

Anyway, this eBay business Peter had started to replace the income he lost when he quit that job involved the sale of voodoo dolls, ceramic and feather masks, Mardi Gras beads and other New Orleans touristy "junk" for lack of a better term. As luck would have it, the all-eggs-in-one-basket approach worked quite well for Egan despite having no formal education in advanced information technology or any sort of internet technology including but in no way limited to HTML, CSS (which was brand-new at the time), JavaScript  Dreamweaver, Photoshop or any other markup editor or media editing software. That is perhaps what made eBay the perfect starting point for Peter Egan: it was simple enough that he could do it without being taught, yet challenging enough that a 23 year old with no business and limited sales experience was driven to learn based solely on the opportunity that a marketplace the size of the world represented.

While he didn't know it as of the time he handed his landlord that first rent check paid using money he had earned working from home, Peter was about to see exactly how big the opportunity before him actually was (here's a hint: big enough that he didn't return to school when Tulane reopened). A close friend of Peter had recently acquired a job working for global, mega-conglomerate tanning salon franchising firm Planet Beach Franchising. The corporate headquarters is in Marrero, LA, just outside New Orleans.

Northshore Medical Supply
EGAN Medical Equipment Store: North Shore Medical Supplies, Equipment - Located on Tyler Street in Covington near 8th Avenue across from the old Schoen Funeral Home, on the side of Tyler opposite St. Tammany Parish Hospital.
Impressed with Egan's ability to sell a $0.85 voodoo doll for $25-$30 (marketing it as a tool to enact revenge against one's nemesis), and a feather Mardi Gras mask costing him approximately $1.67 $20-$40 (marketing them to American women as wall decor and British men and women as "masquerade masks", which is apparently the term most often associated with masks used for purposes such as those depicted in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"); he helped get Peter a meeting with the merchandising director for the parent corporation. She was interested in having him liquidate a warehouse full of the previous year's merchandise, worth an estimated $4-$6 million (wholesale cost - roughly 100%-150% markup for retail value). The deal was, we would split all net revenue right down the middle, and I'd have exclusive rights to sell the goods contained within the warehouse for a period of six months. The contract negotiated was to be signed and notarized on --- of all dates --- August 29, 2005.

The warehouse flooded, insurance made Planet Beach whole for its losses in terms of the value of the merchandise, rendering Peter and his services to be of no further use. - END PART 1


Peter Egan: Important PSA For All Federal Lawmakers and Unelected Government Officials

My disgruntled dissatisfaction with the results coming out of Washington D.C., particularly as it pertains to the Executive Branch, the U.S. Senate (with just a handful of exceptions) and House Speaker John Flaccid, is rapidly morphing into total apathy.

For the first time in my life, I do not identify with any political party, and for the first time in my life would consider the prospect of voting a waste of time and energy.

To all those who helped bring me to this point of total apathetic cynicism, I am of the belief that Mr. Red Peters is better able to articulate my opinions of you than even I am.

That said, without further adieu:

Alternate Title: How to Debate a Liberal and Win
U.S. Representative John Fleming, MD
By: Peter Egan

In this post, I am confronted by a liberal supporter of (I suspect) one of the Landrieus over the character of Congressman John Fleming (R-LA).


I received confirmation from Congressman Fleming that the reason Ms. Jensen was blocked from commenting on his Facebook page was not for the reasons she states below, but due to personal attacks like those directed towards yours truly in the below screen-shots of the Facebook debate she randomly initiated with me, I can only presume because no one else was willing to talk to her.

I know a LOT of politicians. I have met very, very few with whom I've been as impressed on a personal level as I was Congressman Fleming. The man manages his own Facebook account and will take questions and/or comments from constituents at any time of day. He responds personally. This is very rare for Washington. Nearly everyone else has staff do the talking for them.

Not Rep. John Fleming, who is also a medical doctor. He responds personally to each Facebook inquiry. That alone, in my humble opinion, makes him more qualified than another John (Boehner) for the role of House Speaker.

At least in Fleming, we'd have a way to tell him how disappointed we are in the job he's done, although if Fleming were speaker rest assured we would not be so gravely disappointed as we are with Speaker Boehner. We'd actually be proud of the job he'd do in such a position.

Anyway, without further adieu, here's my obliteration of a liberal who attacked Congressman Fleming's character. She started the debate, and I won it.

If this were a football game, the score would have been in the neighborhood of 56-0 in favor of the truth (which in this case was on my side).


Capitalism Will Ultimately Prevail Over Democratic Socialism; But When?

Democratic Socialism Vs. Free-Market Capitalism

Capitalism = Freedom
By: Peter Egan

I came across a terrific site recently called Tea Party Tribune. This was the site that republished the article appearing on this blog relating to the reasoning behind the GOP's ouster of Michael Steele as RNC Chairman following the most successful election cycle in Republican Party history, and subsequent replacement with a man no one had heard of prior to his appointment. As it turned out once the 2012 dust had settled, there was a very good reason no one had ever heard of Reince Preibus until the day he was made RNC Chairman --- the man is a spineless loser, just like the two men (and I use that term very, very loosely) who head up party leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives and United States Senate, respectively.

The article at Tea Party Tribune took the approach of pitting free market supply-and-demand economics (capitalism) against democracy, with an assumed premise that only one of the two could ultimately "prevail". The article touches upon some very good points, most notably that with a little help from their (deceased) friends, democrats have figured out a way to vote money away from those who earn it in order to redistribute it to the lazy, slothful and gluttonous in exchange for votes.

The article left readers with the question as to whether or not Capitalism has what it takes to ultimately take back economic freedom for the citizens of the United States of America, and/or if the country was doomed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Eventually Capitalism will prevail, it always does - and must, as it is just one of the laws of nature by which our universe is governed. The better question is how much wealth must be destroyed and how many lives must be lost before the pendulum starts to right itself before shifting momentum back towards the opposite direction from the trajectory it finds itself on today.

All of nature is governed by the laws of supply and demand. All evolution among all species is the byproduct of competition within and among species. What science terms "evolution" is merely a term to define a species' ability to make inter-generational, fundamental changes in the manner in which the species competing within the marketplace that is nature is best able to adapt to changes in the environment, which includes but is in no way limited to the number, type and degree of threat posed by the competition. For a wild rabbit, competition may refer to such creatures as hawks, owls, coyotes and even herbivores like armadillos insomuch that the two are often times both competing for the same food sources.

Anytime supply far outpaces demand or vice versa, the marketplace will inevitably correct the discrepancy. However, the amount of time required for it to do just that can vary from several days, weeks or years to several generations depending upon the nature and severity of said discrepancy.