Petrino's Temper Tantrum Unacceptable

By now, most everyone reading this should be familiar with Arkansas Razorbacks football coach Bobby Petrino's expletive-laced tirade directed against LSU Tigers coach Les Miles during the Tigers 41-17 whipping of Ar-Kansas in the Battle for the Golden Boot. He also refused to shake Miles' hand following the loss, which eliminated his team from consideration from the BCS Championship discussion.

If by chance you live under a rock or somehow otherwise missed this story, the videos are below:

Petrino's Post-Game Lack of Sportsmanship

Arkansas Coach's Choice World for Les Miles

Petrino (and every Razorbacks fan) should take it as a compliment that Miles did not consider his lead to be safe up by three scores late in the game.

As a former junior high school football coach, I can definitely relate. I once called a deep play-action bomb that resulted in a touchdown that put us up four scores in the league semifinal game against a team that had scored more than 60 points in its quarterfinal victory. I had previously pulled my starters earlier that quarter, but the opposing team had not --- and had quickly scored cutting my lead to 3 scores. After a failed onsides kick, I sent in my starters and told them to "put another one on 'em".

At that point in time, there was still one child on my team who had yet to score a touchdown, and I really wanted to get him the ball with a safe lead, however the opposing team was too talented offensively for use to let off the gas.

Thus, we scored another touchdown in hopes of securing victory, which would have allowed me to play backups in hopes of getting every child on the team at least one touchdown --- a goal we ultimately achieved.

In any case, the LSU-Arkansas rivalry looks to be shaping up into a good one, which is quite timely given the irrelevance of Tulane and the sudden death of Ole Miss as a competitive football program. With SEC expansion and no guarantee that LSU-Florida will continue to be an annual event, the game with Arkansas takes on added importance as a legitimate rivalry game.

Razorbacks fans should demand more of their coach given that their program has had enough success of late to have the public spotlight on it at all times, and moments like Petrino's two temper tantrums during his team's loss to LSU are the type of distractions that cost schools key recruits, which should be good news for LSU, but bad news for Arkansas and the SEC as a whole.


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Peter Egan and Paige Bundrick at a Saints game in 2009.
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